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Terms and Conditions of Use

As a scholarly journal, the Academy of Management Proceedings contains the views, thoughts, assertions and opinions ("information") of its contributing authors. The information expressed by these authors is not necessarily that of the Academy of Management. The Academy of Management makes no representations about the accuracy of the information contained herein, and the inclusion of the information herein shall not be construed as an endorsement, either explicitly or implicitly, of the information by the Academy of Management. The Academy of Management disclaims any and all responsibility or liability resulting from the information contained in the journal.

As of December, 2005, many publishers, including AOM, do not consider Proceedings articles to be pre-published. As stated in the AOM Copyright Transfer Agreement, authors have the right to use and publish, after the release of the Annual Meeting Proceedings, all or part of the materials from the paper in any original or derivative work. However, the Academy of Management recommends that prospective authors consult with editors of the journals to which they plan to submit in order to understand the journal's specific policy on pre-publication in a conference Proceedings. The responsibility for confirming a publisher's pre-publication policy resides with the author.

Change Requests

If required, an author may request to remove his/her article from the Academy's website. All authors and co-authors must provide WRITTEN approval to edit and/or remove a paper or an abstract. The fee to add, edit or remove a paper or abstract is $350 per occurrence. Papers past 5 years from the online publication date cannot be added, edited or removed.

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