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2019 Committee Awards


The Ethics Education Committee (EEC) recently focused some of the committee’s Annual Meeting efforts on graduate students, with several 2019 committee awards and a unique Ethics Forum designed around doctoral students.
Congratulations to David Thomas (University of Victoria), recipient of the 2019 Exemplar of Ethical Graduate Student Supervision Award, sponsored by Journal of Business Ethics, and presented by the Academy of Management Ethics Education Committee, for:
  • recognizing individual differences in students, treating each sensitively and responsibly
  • encouraging students to do research that matters
  • promoting integrity via close monitoring, to form ethical habits in research and personal conduct 
  • demonstrating high moral standards in all aspects of his own conduct
Congratulations to Anjier Chen (Pennsylvania State University), recipient of the 2019 Exemplar of Ethical Graduate Student Practice Award, sponsored by Business Ethics Quarterly, and presented by the Academy of Management Ethics Education Committee, for:
  • demonstrating a high level of integrity in research design, execution, and reporting
  • advancing the teaching of ethics in undergraduate courses
  • promoting adoption of ethical culture and conduct among her school colleagues and across the Academy


The Practice Theme Committee (PTC) held its annual celebration of impactful research with several committee-sponsored awards at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston.    
Sir Cary L. Cooper (Alliance Manchester Business School) won the PTC’s 2019 Chris Argyris Life-time Achievement Award for a lifetime with momentous and lasting effects on management academics, practice, and society.
Pictured: Head of School, Alliance Manchester Business School, accepting award from PTC co-Chair Usha Haley
Cary Cooper’s acceptance speech submitted virtually
Marc H. Meyer (Northeastern University) won the PTC’s 2019 Practice Impact Award as a distinguished scholar with outstanding, sustained and measurable external impact.
Pictured: Award winner Marc Meyer accepts award from PTC co-Chair Usha Haley, together with Fernando Suarez, Head of Group at Northeastern University  
Jeroen Veldman, Hugh Willmott (both at Cass Business School) & Filip Gregor (Frank Bold) won the joint committees PTC-ITC 2019 International Impactful Collaboration Award for international collaborations between academics and external stakeholders with demonstrable, external impact    
Pictured: Jeroen accepts the award on behalf of his co-winners from PTC co-Chair Usha Haley    
The Practice Theme Committee wishes to thank all our volunteers and officeholders who contributed to the Practice Theme Committee’s success over 11 years.  Thanks also to the AOM’s Board of Governors, and in particular, Peter Bamberger, for support of external impact as a major component of impactful research within our Academy.  

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